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Luigi De Simone Niquesa

Group CEO

Professor Luigi de Simone Niquesa, born in Rome, commenced his career in tourism at the Hotel d’Inghilterra, where he quickly rose through the ranks to the position of General Manager in 1985. His entrepreneurial instinct and his passion for the hospitality industry, combined with his classical studies and his education in economics, led him to create the Charming Hotels and Resorts network in 1987. Then in 2002 he also established TCL SpA, which owned and managed the Charming Hotels and Resorts Brand.

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In 1987 he also began to assemble an exclusive hotel collection featuring properties of particular historical and architectural value, situated in the heart of leading Italian cities renowned for their outstanding cultural heritage. The collection formerly known as the Royal Demeure is now managed by Niquesa Hotels & Residences.

In 1996, Luigi de Simone Niquesa became President of the IRT, the Institute for Marketing and Research on Tourism This organisation consults on territorial tourism programming, development and marketing plans, as well as technical-professional training in the field of tourism.

Thanks to the acquired experience, in 2005 Professor de Simone Niquesa created the Luxman Group, of which he is also President, to bring together the various skills and expertise of the individual Italian companies under one organisation. In 2012 the Luxman Group became part of TDA Capital Ltd and Professor de Simone Niquesa is now Group CEO of this organisation also.

He was Professor at the State University of Perugia where he lectured in Economics until 2003. He is now a member of the Council of Directors on the Masters programme in Economics and Tourism Management at the faculty of Economics at La Sapienza University in Rome.

His commitment to social and ethical issues inspired the creation of the Human Life Fund in 2003 of which he is founder and President. This organization support projects and initiatives that promote human development and culture.

He has also served as president of UNICA (Union of Italian Hotel Chains), and Executive Advisor/Council Member of Federalberghi-Confcommercio (the leading association of hotels in Italy)