TDA Capital Ltd is a relatively new organisation built on a solid base of expertise and experience in the hospitality, tourism, real estate and luxury goods sectors. Founder and Group CEO Professor Luigi De Simone Niquesa created the Charming Hotels and Resorts network in 1998 and went on to establish TCL SpA in 2003, which sit under the holding company Luxman SpA in 2005. The group’s portfolio includes five world renowned iconic hotel properties in Rome, Florence, Siena and Vicenza and other hospitality commercial properties.

Professor Luigi De Simone Niquesa’s efforts have been inspired by a passion for propagating and expressing Italian style throughout the world, particularly within the hospitality and luxury goods industries. He is the driving force for the organisation and his principles and philosophy are at the heart of all the group’s activities.

In recent years the core business has focused on improving its portfolio in those economic sectors where the management team has particular expertise. It has also pursued a strategy of targeted and cautious diversification into sectors whose profitability is particular attractive.