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Mission & Value

TDA Capital Ltd concentrates on acquiring holdings in companies that show particular potential, then developing and adding value to them. It does this through the rigorous application of the following short and medium-term strategies:

1) Organizing the holding company so as to effectively monitor the performance of the various holdings against specific short and medium-term goals.

2) Organizing the subsidiary companies to maximize sales and optimize production processes thereby increasing positive earnings and trimming unnecessary or excessive costs.

3) Developing or acquiring holdings in those sectors where the group’s top management already has know-how and proven experience, and exploring the possibilities of expanding into new areas of activity related to those sectors already managed.

4) Selling holdings that do not satisfy the group’s criteria in order to achieve an optimal balance between the need for rapid divestiture (in order to acquire financial and human resources for reinvestment in sectors of interest) and the need to maximize the surplus revenue and minimize the capital loss from transfer.

5) Consolidating the image of the group and its individual companies through effective and ongoing communication activities aimed at informing the main internal and external stakeholders about the group’s development and ongoing activities.

6) Managing human resources within the group and its individual companies to create the economic, ethical and environmental conditions that encourage a sense of belonging and pride in being part of an organization that’s making a positive impact.

The group has a strategy of consolidating its holdings in the following areas of activity:

1. Hospitality & Travel. The group acquires, develops and consolidates management within the tourist sector using their expertise to drive profitability through strong sales, marketing and operational structure meeting expectations across all revenue streams whist reducing cost.

2. Procurement & Facility Management. The group offers, directly or through the help of third parties, a full range of services supporting the core management functions.

3. Real Estate & Property Management. The group purchases, develops, rents or sells real estate properties that operate in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

4. Design & Contract. The group offers a full suite of centralized management services when it comes to projects involving design and redevelopment works.

5. Diversification Management. The group is focused on innovation and growth. It is pursuing a strategy of cautious diversification in areas which are adjacent to its core competencies and which offer excellent growth potential.