What we do

Woodbrick & Castle Ltd is the Real Estate development company fully owned by TDA Capital Group.
With a wide range of in-house expertise and our network of partnerships, we look at acquisitions, development management and the whole project delivery lifecycle with a turnkey approach and in line with the vision of the Founder and Group CEO Professor Luigi De Simone Niquesa.

With a strong history of investments in the luxury hospitality sector, we are currently diversifying our property portfolio with a particular focus on the UK and Italian markets, whilst retaining our international outlook.

We pride ourselves for being able to recognize potential in underappreciated proprieties, and inspired by our unique vision we develop them to express their full value and to create an “experience”.

How we do it

We are dynamic business capable of fast yet pondered decision making: we develop for likeminded investors who share our passion for luxury and our intrinsic drive to instill a character in each of our developments. We develop on a turnkey approach, often forming JVs using our own Group capital.

We deliver projects using our extensive network of consultants, contractors and suppliers, who we generally know from previous work together and who we often identify as specialists. However, we also keep an eye to join sides with new parties who we feel can help us to deliver our added value.

Our Added Value

We are able to recognize underappreciated potential in existing buildings, and able to actualize that potential using our cross-sectors proven experience: from boutique hotels, to office spaces targeted to the dynamic requirements of the modern stream of occupiers, to groundbreaking F&B concepts and ultimately to high-end residential.

Our Group expertise in Hospitality, Travel and Luxury Goods and our know-how as a Hotel operator, gives us the competitive edge of being able to understand and appreciate the importance of branding, vital when forming partnerships with Hotel Operators who we keep in close contact and hence allowing us to align business interests throughout the development lifecycle.